Vice President
Sergeant at Arms
Robert Zerby
Brian Bleistein
Danae Zerby-Smerka
Mary Gates
Robert Miller



New York State approved a Special Act of the Legislature on October 19th, 2005 to form the Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Company Exempts, Benevolent Association, Inc. Upon notification to the Fire Company, a meeting was set to establish the organization.

An organizational meeting was held on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 with fifty-two men and women in attendance. There were a total of 125 active and exempt members that joined. They are Charter Members of the Association. The purpose of the association is to "assist ill and indigent firefighters and their families". The funds that are utilized to accomplish this are the funds generated from the Foreigh Fire Insurance tax established by New York State

Our membership resides across the United States.


Charter Members
Robert Baker

Douglas Hooper

Samuel Pollina

Robert F.Bantle

Brian Horwood

Thomas D. Putman

Charles Berry

*Gerald Hrivnak

Debra Rektorik

Brian Bleistein

*Donald B. Hull

Michael D. Richardson

Stanley Board

Robert F. Hull

Frank Rizzo

Marvin Booth, Jr.

Robert Hustead

Michael Ross

Nicholas Borowski

Lawrence Januchowski III

*Edward Rueger

David Boswell

Lawrence Januchowski IV

John Ryan

Paul Boswell

Roberta Januchowski

*Raymond Sadowski

*Henry Buszka

Kevin Johns

Ronald Schumacher

Joseph Casper III

Patrick F. Keefe

Robert E. Schuse

Robert Chapman

Patrick L. Keefe

Kelley Skowronski

Timothy R. Conmy

Harry Klun

Thaddeus Stafford

James Crandall, Jr.

Howard Koch

Raymond Stoklosa

James Crandall, Sr.

Andrew J. Lahrs

Msgr. Jerome Sullivan

Jason Crandall

Donald Lahrs

Richard D. Sutfin

Richard T. Crandall

William A. Leard II

Clayton Sweetland

Elek D. Csont

Thaddeus Lelito

George J. Sweetland

Dennis Daley

Chester Lipka

George A. Szczublewski

Thomas Davis

Mary M. Lipka

Bruce A. Thompson

Thomas Dietrick

Paul Ludlow

Robert W. Thompson

Jeffrey Dinan

Richard Malicki

William Tomory

Richard L. Drew, Jr.

Richard Martin

Leslie F. Trinder

Justin Dubreville

Daniel McCartan

Daniel Velasquez

Wendy Edel

Donald McMahon

Carl Wappman

Julie Erler

Glenn E. Mead

Howard C. Wertz

Kenneth P. Erler

Richard A. Mead

Harold "Mike" Willard

Robert A. Erler

William Meeks

Kim M. Willis

Christopher C. Farris

Robert Miller

Louis Willis

Paul Felegy

William F. "Babe" Miller

Christopher C. Wilson

Michael Fitzgerald

Andrew Nirelli

Paul C. Wilson

William Flierl

Peter Oddy

Chad Witkowski

John T. Frizzell

Michael O'Donnell

Robert J. Zerby, Sr.

Robert Galligan

Arthur Pasnik

Danae Zerby-Smerka

Mary M. Gates

Kenneth Passinault

David P. Zimmer, Sr.

Michael J. Gates

Joseph M. Paszkiewicz


K. Andrew Harris

Rev. David Persons


Jon C. Hatch

George J. Plumer


Edmond Henrich

Francis C. Pluta